Tuscan Egg Strata

McClelland Priest B&B Inn

569 Randolph St. , Napa, CA 94559 Stati Uniti d'America


  • eggs
  • milk 2%
  • bread
  • cheese grated
  • salami (optional)
  • fresh salsa or olive bruschetta
  • garlic parsley low salt


  1. place one tbls of shredded cheese over each piece of bread
  2. place one tbls of fresh salsa, or olive bruschetta over cheese and sprinkle garlic, parsley low salt over each piece of bread,cheese and salsa or olive portion.
  3. spray bottom of baking dish
  4. line bottom of dish with 12 pieces of bread- cut off crusts
  5. I use good bread,sliced Italian,French or Buttermilk
  6. Place second layer(12 pieces) of bread on top
  7. mix eggs and milk in mixer
  8. and pour over layers
  9. top each piece with a dop of butter
  10. bake at 375' for 45 minutes
  11. serve with a tbls of warm salsa or olive bruschetta
  12. and a fresh garnish of rosemary or oregano
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Tuscan Egg Strata