rosted chiken

Turisme rural El Moli De Siurana.

AGRICOLA FABREGAS- SANCHIS S.C.P. (NIF 17500133)   MAS MOLI , Siurana, 17469 Spagna


  • Chiken , oil , garlic ,oñons , salt and peper


  1. rost the chiken in a cacerole with a nice color , then put the oñons cuted small , the garlic separated , the peper and the salt , cover with water not at all , then quic boiling.
  2. after 30 minutes aprox , you must hear when the cacerole change the noise. it means the water it's quite evaporised and the meat quite finished.
  3. naw the most important, try with a fork if the chiken it's tender if not , put a bit more water , not too much, and keep cooking in low fire moving the cacerole like this the meat won't be burned in the cacerole base, the succes of this is find the caramelized poit with the equilibrated recuction betwen meat and water.
  4. this dich it's much good if you prepare the day before buen apetito.
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rosted chiken