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A double destination a River House Lodge (Rowlesburg, West Virginia)

4,6 Recensione postata il ottobre 09, 2017

If your destination is Rowlesburg or someplace nearby, you will find the River House Lodge clean, quiet, convenient. The proprietor, Tim Weaver, will be ever available to meet all your needs and to add elements of charm and information that few innkeepers take the time to consider. Rowlesburg is a small railroad town once busy not only as a railroad maintenance center but also a destination for railroad buffs. The railroad scenery is beautiful, everything from the old M & K shops to Tray Run bridge (on the reverse side of the WV state seal). Tim knows this history and he knows the folks still around who participated in creating it. The River Lodge is a mini-museum for railroad buffs. The location can become a destination in itself if you seek peace, quiet, a nostalgic return to railroad-coal centered economy, whether or not your destination is Rowlesburg. What makes the River House special in this regard is not the artifact displayed here and there, it is the host and the people to whom he can direct you. And you will find peace and quiet in another way. You won't be the only one to escape the hurry of today's world. During our visit we met a young man from the Basque area of France, a computational chemist who came there to enjoy cycling in the mountains. A visit to the River House is pleasant in every way, even more so if you take the time to enjoy your stay and not just the business which brought you there. You will find that lonely train whistle passing by in the night to be far more enjoyable than disturbing. Be thankful that such treasures as this, when taken in total, are still available to us, whether your destination is Rowlesburg, a quiet nostalgic and perhaps anachronistic visit to a former time, or an escape to the beauty of what can still be found in Wild Wonderful West Virginia. Larry G. Edwards, Lewes, Delaware

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Enjoyable Stay at Historic Lodge a River House Lodge (Rowlesburg, West Virginia)

4,8 Recensione postata il ottobre 03, 2017

My husband and I enjoyed our 2-night stay at the historic River House Lodge. The large room and private bath were newly remodeled, tastefully decorated with antiques, clean and comfortable. The innkeeper was welcoming and helpful. He directed us to local eateries and attractions and shared the history of the inn and small town. It was a convenient, scenic hour's drive from the inn to WV University. We had a pleasant, safe, quiet stay and enjoyed the WV scenery and local residents. We look forward to staying again at the River House when visiting the area.

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Excellent rooms in historic home a River House Lodge (Rowlesburg, West Virginia)

4,2 Recensione postata il settembre 18, 2017

I stayed in River House Lodge with my friend and our two toddlers. We shared adjoining rooms, which was quite convenient. There were beautiful parks within walking distance, and the river nearby was perfect for walking and throwing rocks.

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Amazing place a River House Lodge (Rowlesburg, West Virginia)

5 Recensione postata il settembre 18, 2017

This is an amazing B&B. I would highly recommend it to anyone staying in the area. Each room is beautifully furnished and comfortable. The proprietors are nice, and helpful. I can't wait to find a reason to go back.

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Unique property's a River House Lodge (Rowlesburg, West Virginia)

2,8 Recensione postata il agosto 09, 2017

The room we stayed in was very nice although the room we selected when we paid was not ready (used linen crumpled on the bed). Owner did not greet us nor was the woman who came to the door very gracious. She made us feel as if we were a bother.

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Convenient Location a The Preston County Inn (Kingwood, West Virginia)

3,2 Recensione postata il gennaio 29, 2016

I stayed at the Preston County Inn last week while working in Kingwood. I chose the Inn because of its location, but especially because it was January in West Virginia. I didn't want to risk staying in Morgantown and having to drive on snowy windy roads. The house is very old, but I knew that going in. You can tell that they adapted the house to be an inn, but that adds to its charm. If I came back to Kingwood, I would consider staying at the Inn because the staff was so friendly and helpful. Overall a nice place to stay, just be aware of what to expect.

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John A. Rolando & Daughter_Cheat River Evening a The Preston County Inn (Kingwood, West Virginia)

2,6 Recensione postata il agosto 31, 2015

Preston County Inn was nice. Bar closed too early (8PM -- just after we checked in). Rooms (we each had our own) were small, but it's an 1860 build house -- so that comes with the territory. I left some clothes behind, and am waiting for them to be mailed to me -- phoned and they said assured the WOULD BE mailed, after which I'll reimburse via check for the postage. I hope someone hasn't forgotten.

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Historic but needs updating a The Preston County Inn (Kingwood, West Virginia)

2,6 Recensione postata il agosto 28, 2015

Location is great, restaurant is great but the building is in need of deep cleaning and/or restoration. The mattresses need replacing, and the smell of cat urine is present in the hallways (not in the rooms).

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Don't judge a book by its cover a The Preston County Inn (Kingwood, West Virginia)

4,8 Recensione postata il settembre 23, 2014

I stay in a lot of hotels. When I first pulled in I was thinking what did I do because I booked on line. Once I walked in I didn't want to leave.The staff is AWESOME..The rooms are dated but very clean and do not smell like smoke..The food is the best I have had in a long time..when I got my keys to my room they were real keys not cards..I will definitely stay again...

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Nice place to stay, but... a The Preston County Inn (Kingwood, West Virginia)

3,6 Recensione postata il settembre 12, 2014

My wife and I stayed here for 2 nights. The inn is old and the room we stayed in could definitely use some renovation. It was clean but the carpet was dingy. The AC also did not keep the room very cool in the high humidity. The bed frame in the room was unstable and noisy. This said, the owner was very friendly and the restaurant is great. The food was very fresh and very well seasoned. We ate there both nights. We would stay there again when in the area.

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Great Stay//Hard to Find a The Preston County Inn (Kingwood, West Virginia)

3,8 Recensione postata il giugno 05, 2013

Unfortunately the directions I had were not the best so I spent many hours on the backroads of WV before finally getting there. But it was a good night's rest and very friendly people. The coffee wasn't quite up to my standards, and it would be nice to have some more variety of cereal choices.

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Great place to stay! a The Preston County Inn (Kingwood, West Virginia)

4,6 Recensione postata il marzo 25, 2013

A very nice place to get away to. Jean and staff are very friendly and helpful. Nice family feel Bed and Breakfast. The food is AMAZING!! Can't wait to visit again!

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First Class Meal a The Preston County Inn (Kingwood, West Virginia)

4,2 Recensione postata il gennaio 01, 2012

My husband and I had a wonderful Buffet meal for New Years Eve ! Well worth the drive from Morgantown! Outstanding!

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Like being home a The Preston County Inn (Kingwood, West Virginia)

4,4 Recensione postata il novembre 30, 2011

Lovely owner and family. They were busy with decorating for Christmas but always stopped to ask if we needed anything. Quests were friendly and accommodations warm and inviting.

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Very cute a The Preston County Inn (Kingwood, West Virginia)

4,0 Recensione postata il novembre 10, 2011

Our room was just perfect to relax in after a fun filled day at WVU. The inkeeper was friendly. I would visit again.

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A warm and wonderfully romantic getaway! a The Preston County Inn (Kingwood, West Virginia)

4,8 Recensione postata il novembre 08, 2011

The wife and I were just looking for a place to crash after attending a West Virginia football game! Boy, did this place exceed our expectations! We took the Sweetheart Special that included two nights of lodging, cocktails with appetizer, Dinner at the on site four star restuarant Maxime's, Saturday sack lunch, continental breakfast and Sunday breakfast buffet. We will definately stay again and often. Can't beat the price and experience!

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Most enjoyable weekend a The Preston County Inn (Kingwood, West Virginia)

4,0 Recensione postata il ottobre 09, 2011

Although the room could use some updating - not major concern for a building 150 years old - the food and hospitality more than compensated. The staff were great, the location was more than satisfactory, and the food was superb. Would highly recommend.

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Better than the Heldreth (Bates) motel a The Preston County Inn (Kingwood, West Virginia)

4,0 Recensione postata il luglio 24, 2011

very quaint and accomodating/ The double bathrooms were a plus, but a new interior decorator is needed here. no wheelchair access, and there's a dangerous ramp at the top of the stairs. not too crazy about the frosted over windows, but i understood they were eye-level to the patio. however, attention to details is necessary, like dusting the old furniture. The furniture piece at the bottom of the bed, lower support beams were very dusty. the "continental" breakfast area needs a good scrub down, and the waffle maker was very confusing to use. there's a free-standing air-conditioner unit that's very messily duct-taped for ventiliation to the window. If this place can install a flat-screen tv in the room, they should be able to install one of the newer wall mounted non-instrusive air-conditioner. Plus side, the activities which take place here, like movie night.

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Very Cozy and Quaint :) a The Preston County Inn (Kingwood, West Virginia)

5 Recensione postata il maggio 11, 2010

Very cozy and relaxing. Very friendly stay. Nice quaint little town. I would stay here again!

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Nice visit! a The Preston County Inn (Kingwood, West Virginia)

3,4 Recensione postata il maggio 07, 2010

We recently stayed at the Inn. I was very impressed with cleanliness and friendliness of the staff. The rooms had a rather strange layout and the bathrooms were small, but I understand it is a very old and quaint place to stay. We enjoyed sitting on the porch in the evening. However, they could use some new rocking chairs, some of them were falling apart and not safe to sit on. We have stayed at other places in this area and have had some bad experiences, this was much better than the others and we would stay here again.

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A great place to stay! a The Preston County Inn (Kingwood, West Virginia)

5 Recensione postata il febbraio 28, 2010

We have had the pleasure of being a guest at the Preston County Inn for the past two months and Jean-Manuel and Deborah could not have been more hospitable to myself and my co-workers! You feel like you are being welcomed into their home and everything is done to make you comfortable. Jean-Manuel has prepared special meals for us, made sure our rooms were "toasty" warm after a long two hour drive in the West Virginia snow, and even called us with weather conditions. It has been a pleasure to stay in such comfortable surroundings with such gracious hosts...all our needs were met. A beautiful inn in beautiful surroundings-a GREAT place to stay! Alisa Sanders, RN LHC Group

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Much More than Expected a The Preston County Inn (Kingwood, West Virginia)

5 Recensione postata il settembre 03, 2009

I have been working in Preston County for about a month now and staying at the Preston County Inn throughout each week and I have come to think of it as my home away from home. The rooms are great. The owners make you feel like part of the family. The food is outstanding. And you can't beat the prices. I would recommend the Preston County Inn highly.

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Feel at home a The Preston County Inn (Kingwood, West Virginia)

4,8 Recensione postata il agosto 27, 2009

This is a great place to stay. I have never felt more 'at home' anywhere. The owners go out of their way to make you feel welcome. The rooms are always clean, the food is great and the rates are very reasonable!

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Great weekend!!!! a The Preston County Inn (Kingwood, West Virginia)

4,0 Recensione postata il giugno 05, 2009

Thank you for the beautiful rooms, and the welcoming feeling we recieved upon arrival. Our rooms were very nice and clean. The little kitchen was so cute and I truley enjoyed the weekend at place of business.GRADUATION WEEKEND..... My husband and I are looking forward to visiting again very soon. Great place to enjoy your family and special occasions. Thank you again, Gene and Betty Beautiful explains it all.......

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May Day week-end a The Preston County Inn (Kingwood, West Virginia)

4,2 Recensione postata il maggio 03, 2009

We came and stayed while rafting and enjoyed it very much, rooms were clean, dining was a great bargain and we loved the bar.

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