Oatmeal Cookies

Dover House Bed and Breakfast

17 Morgan Street , Port Dover, ON N0A1N0 Canada


  1. Get your copy of the Joy of Cooking or buy one! You must own this book (along with Fanny Farmer, Laura Secord and all the other great women cooks!) because it also has the best Hollandaise recipe EVEEER!
  2. Go to page whatever it is.
  3. Follow it if you want but I reduce the sugar and use currants instead of raisins but I add everything they suggest! Anyone who knows copycat recipes for Dad's Cookies knows the coconut is the secret!
  4. Get yourself one of those great cookie scoops and make 24 of them. Just bought myself a cookie scoop at the dollar store and wow what a great tool!
  5. Pass them out to anyone you want to impress! I bag two of them, tie them with a celdon green thin satin ribbon, with my biz card and give them to guests at their breakfast table.
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Oatmeal Cookies